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The firm has developed a wide expertise in civil law, with particular reference to commercial law, labour law, succession and real estate law.

The Law Firm Camerino Suppiej is based in Venice and was formed by the integration of two professional firms having an ancient tradition and uninterruptedly representing a reference in Venice for almost one century. The Levis Camerino legal practice was established by the lawyer Raul Levis in the 1920s, was maintained and implemented by the lawyer Sergio Camerino and it has since been one of the leader Law Firms in the North-East of Italy. The Suppiej legal practice was established by the lawyer Giorgio Suppiej, was then run by professor and lawyer Giuseppe Suppiej, professor of civil and labour law, and it has also been in business continuously since the 1920s. The Law Firm has developed a wide expertise in civil law, with particular reference to commercial law, labour law, succession and real estate law, it has dealt with more than five thousand lawsuits and more than ten thousand extrajudicial disputes. The firm further implemented an extensive network of collaborations with other top-level professionals, in Italy and abroad, to provide its customers with advice extended to every branch of law and leading services. Since 2004 the firm operates also for Italian companies in Eastern Europe and is accredited by the Italian Embassy in Bucharest.

He was born in Venice in 1934, where he is registered to the Roll of Solicitors, he is a lawyer since 1960. He has gained considerable experience over the years in the various branches of the civil and commercial law, is an expert, among other matters, of corporate, industrial, banking, bankruptcy, real estate and inheritance law. He is president and a member of the board of directors of several companies and institutions of national relevance. He is a founding member of Studio Camerino Suppiej. He is fluent in English and French.

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He is registered in the Venice Roll of Solicitors and he was born in Verona in 1970. He graduated with honours in administrative law, he is a legal advisor since 1998 and is a lawyer since 2004. He has significant experience in civil law, commercial law, labour law, and taxation law and he is among the experts on executive law accredited to the Court of Venice. He is a founding member of Studio Camerino Suppiej, where he has planning and coordination functions. He is fluent in English.

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He was born in Venice in 1970. He qualified as a lawyer in Italy since 2003, member of the Roll of Venice Solicitors from 2004 and then of the Roll of Bucharest Solicitors since 2009, he has training in International commercial law. He is a founding member of Studio Camerino Suppiej. He is in the list of accredited law firms providing legal assistance to Italian companies at the Italian Embassy in Bucharest. Spoken languages: Italian, English, French, Russian and Romanian.

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She was born in Venice in 1977. She graduated at the University of Padua. She works with the Suppiej law practice since 2007, she is member of the Roll of Venice Solicitors since 2011 and she has a certified qualification as a mediator. She has gained good experience in civil law, providing legal advice and assistance both in extrajudicial and judicial fields, particularly related to family law, contracts, executive matters, commercial law, labour law. She is fluent in French.

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She was born in Venice in 1973. She obtained a bachelor's degree with honours at the University of Ferrara in 2000. She is a valid specialist in the field of criminal law and she is also a member of the National Lawyers Pool of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, obtaining experience in disability issues and related matters (access to medicines, work, disability, protection of rights). She co-operates with the Camerino Suppiej law firm since 2008. She knows foreign languages: Spanish, French, English.

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She was born in Conegliano in 1968. She graduated at the University of Parma. She is member of the Roll of Venice Solicitors since 2004, and she worked as a legal consultant and assistant in her legal practice in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), and she collaborates with Studio Camerino Suppiej since 2010. She works in the sector of family law, labour law and social security, as well as enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy.

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Litigation, arbitration and prevention of disputes.

The primary rule of the Law Firm is to offer services aimed at preventing disputes. However, we have gained significant experience over the years in litigation and arbitration, both as counsels for the defence and as arbitrators, in complex and sensitive legal issues. We therefore provide legal assistance in all types of civil and commercial litigation, with specific experience in matters related to real estate, corporate, banking and finance, bankruptcy, labor, intellectual property, with particular reference to family inheritance, as well as administrative and taxation law and in regulations issues. However, we believe that litigation is a mean to obtain results, providing support also in the delicate phases of management and negotiation of the dispute, for the best achievement of the client’s objectives.

Civil, obligation and contracts assistance.

We provide full judicial and extrajudicial assistance to Italian and foreign customers with high specialization in all areas of civil law, with particular reference to obligations, companies contracts, business, real estate, asset and succession protection. Thanks to our consolidated several years’ experience in techniques od contract drawing up, we offer assistance for the drawing up of main trade agreements (sale, supplying, lease and rent, mortgage, tender, transport, agency, power of attorney and mediation, distribution, licensing, etc.) and private deeds (wills, trusts, family agreements, etc.). The contract assistance starts from the stage of talks and negotiation until the writing of contracts, signature and interpretation of contracts, identifying each time the civil rules more appropriate to the actual case.

Commercial, industrial, banking and company’s rules.

We offer a wide range of legal services, ranging from trade negotiations, to company and corporates due diligence with specific expertise in contracts for companies. We further assure, thorough advice and assistance in the drafting of statutes, shareholder agreements, corporate contracts, as well as in corporate governance and operations aimed to corporate’s acquisitions and sales. Consulting to firms and companies extends to banking matters related to loan agreements, issue of guarantees, other financial transactions and litigation. We also provide judicial and extrajudicial services in the field of competition, industrial and intellectual property.

Real estate, real rights, leasing.

The solid experience gained by the Legal Firm provides complete support from the stage of negotiations and goes further than regulating relationship between the parties, up tothe various aspects of corporate law and company practice, building, town planning, taxation and finance, because of a long-term extensive experience in complex real estate transactions also in the commercial and hotel business. The Law Firm offers advice at every stage of the acquisition, divestment and exploitation of real estate, both by private individuals and companies through direct purchase or through real estate companies and various means, providing assistance extended to financial aspects (access to land credit and mortgage), projects (taking care of the relationships with administrations, technicians and contractors) and management (leases and joint ventures with highly specialized subjects).

Family and safeguard of assets.

We have extensive experience in the delicate field of family relationships, such as separation, divorce, cohabitation, marriage, adoption and other issues of family law. The study has long lasting specialization in the law of succession, which is one of the most articulate and complex subjects of our legal system. Competence in the field of inheritance extends to the various forms of transmission of estate including trusts and family agreements. The primary objective is the assistance to the members of a family to deal consciously and in depth, all various issues related to the title, protection and administration of the assets in the generational transfer of estates. Advice and assistance on questions related to marriage and inheritance, with particular attention to the fiscal and tax relevant issues.

Labour, collaboration and industrial relationships.

We have a long tradition of judicial and extrajudicial assistance to companies for the solution of individual and collective labor disputes, with particular reference to the disputes between employees and employers concerning dismissals and contracts. Thanks to our consolidated experience in the field, we provide advice in the process of mobility, transfer of business and relevant due diligence, industrial relationships and their management. The extrajudicial assistance to individual bargaining starts from recruitment, in particular of directors and managers with stock options to employees, and includes agency relationships, subordinate-like job and correct assessment of alternative forms of cooperation to employment.

Social security, taxation and administrative sanctions.

We assist companies and individuals in the management of judicial and extrajudicial disputes with social security institutions, labour inspection services, Inland and Revenue Agency and Public Administration in general, related to assessment for non-payments and relevant sanctions. We provide preventive counselling and advise clients in the course of administrative and tax verifications, and we deal with assessment procedures of tax settlement, self-defence against amicable notices and sanctions’ inflictions, in order to resolve potential disputes on tax, social security, town planning and building issues before taking legal actions. We defend our clients with authority and competence before Tax Commissions, Labour Court, Ordinary Court and Administrative Court, having gained significant experience over the years to a wide spectrum of civil and administrative sanctions.

Administrative, town planning and environmental law.

We operate in various areas of administrative law, such as concessions, supply contracts, public services, public works, infrastructure, building, town planning, land use, cultural and environmental heritage, protection of water and environment, public facilities, local public services , energy, telecommunications, computerization of public administration, etc., in order to favor maximum participation in the administrative procedure. Advice and assistance include negotiating with the Public Administration for town planning operations, program agreements, substitute procedural agreements, temporary grouping of companies and project financing. We advise and represent clients in court proceedings before TAR, Council of State, Court of Accounts, Courts for Public Water and Independent Administrative Authorities.



Competence and experience are essential, but without love for one’s own work it is impossible to provide effective service. Passion makes us first people close to your needs and then professionals committed to best represent you.


In several decades of activity we have created an extensive network with many high-level professionals. Today this network of relationships is at your service to provide you a consultation specialized in each area of law.


French, English, Romanian, Russian and Spanish: we are fluent in those languages to offer you an international consultation.Through our network of relationships we can indeed meet the requirements of different legal contexts.


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